Pour la France, veuillez contacter Francois Gauthier par téléphone au 06 87 53 00 00 ou par mail à
For English, please feel free to contact Didier Lenoir +33 6 81 43 22 54 or by e-mail

Courier service, confidential documents

Use our services to transport your documents for peace of mind in terms of confidentiality and security.


Because the documents you want to transfer are irreplaceable, you cannot entrust them to just anyone.


Elegance Limousine Service ensures that your highly important documents are delivered by hand.


We operate at a national and international level with a 3-hour safety margin !


Whatever the nature of the mission, we take your constraints into account and provide the appropriate resources.


We guarantee an on-schedule courier service.


Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further information regarding this service by leaving your message on the contact form.